Storm Resistant Concrete Homes

Engineering Behind a Foreverhome™

Precast Concrete Home Structural Advantages

The Foreverhome™ team has carefully studied the impact of “100-year” storm related challenges and designed a precast concrete home capable of exceeding the necessary requirements for a storm-resistant home.

The exterior shell of a Foreverhome™ is built entirely with precast reinforced concrete above-grade foundation, floors, walls and roof and an adjustable height option for complying with local flood risk requirements.

Insulated Precast Concrete Roofs

Precast Staircases

  • Individual gable-shaped sections with structural ribbing for flexural strength
  • 5-inch thick layer of rigid insulation
  • Cast gutters for roof sections and connecting joints
  • Durable waterproofing membrane
  • Single piece cast staircases
  • Attached to upper landing/frong porches
  • Supported on concrete foundation columns
Precast Floor Sections

Durable Precast Walls

  • Spancrete Hollowcore™ prestressed concrete planks
  • Available with standard 4’ and 8’ width options and 6” or 16” thicknesses
  • Each plank cut and designed based on intended location
  • Specially shaped edges designed to share load-bearing responsibilities and create tight seal
  • Supported by L-shaped concrete beams which can be cantilevered for porches and decks
  • 3 inches of rigid insulation with HERS rating capable of reducing monthly energy expenses
  • Wide range of exterior design options, including brick and lap siding
  • Electrical conduits and plumbing pipes built in to wall panels with easy access below home

These individually cast sections are connected with reinforced steel and high-strength cement grout to seal the edges and form a watertight structure during the construction process. This highly efficient configuration allows for quick construction.

Foreverhome™ structures are completed with Andersen Window Corporation’s Stormwatch® Series of impact- and hurricane-resistant windows and doors.

Precast Concrete Hurricane and Tornado Force Wind Test Video

The demonstration of performance of various wall systems vinyl, brick and precast concrete when exposed to flying debris thrown by hurricanes and tornado force winds. Four distinct wall systems are tested at ground speeds tested at 70 to over 100 mph. Vinyl siding and brick veneer are compared to precast concrete wall. The precast concrete wall panel offers impressive resistant to the flying debris.

Foreverhome: The Key to Opening New Doors
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