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Foreverhome Precast Concrete Home Features and Benefits

Home Design Specifications from Foreverhome™

A Foreverhome™ is designed with one thing in mind: safety and stability during hurricanes, storm-surges and other natural disasters. A Foreverhome™ is built with a focus on stability and safety. We offer a wide range of benefits wood-frame homes are unable to match, such as:

  • Hurricane Resistant – engineered to withstand 170 mph hurricane force winds
  • Storm Surge Resistant – constructed on an open foundation system to be above Advisory Base Flood Elevations (ABFEs)
  • Exceeds FEMA 550 – exceeds Coastal Construction Standards set forth by FEMA
  • Constructed in 10 weeks compared to 7-8 months for wood-frame
  • LEED Certified – 39% more efficient than the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) baseline. Save approximately $1257/yr compared to an existing house and $718 compared to a new construction, wood-frame house
  • Certified “Fortified” – by the Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS)
  • Energy Star - eligible for Energy Star rating
  • Low cost of ownership – 50% less costly to operate than a conventionally built house
  • Insurable – projected flood insurance savings up to 50% compared to traditional housing and up to 25% savings for homeowner's insurance
  • Low maintenance – Corrosion, Pest & Fire Resistant
Foreverhome: The Key to Opening New Doors
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Features & Benefits